During 2016 I was crazy about the idea of collective mapping. I thought and I still do think that collective mapping nowadays is so simple and yet so powerful in the means of achieving things. I created lots of temporary collective mapping projects. Among them, Atlas of Feelings was the only one I had a true chance to experiment with. However, soon I realized it was very hard to reach out to people when you are working and experimenting alone.

First I was using an open source android application. Open Data Kit allows anyone to build surveys and collect data. But it seemed a user who wanted to share data had to go through several steps. So I switched to web-based solutions and started to use Jot Form and synced all the shared data to my maps. For instance, let's say a user wanted to participate in Atlas of Feelings. All they needed to do was to go to web page and shared information. The map would automatically update itself and show their data.

Afterwards, I had a "fantastic idea". Why not having a web-view android application that can switch between these temporary collective mapping projects. A web-view android app is those applications that simply show you a web page within an app. All I needed was to create a Google app and start a mapping project. When it was time to switch to another project what I needed was to simply change the URL in the code and redirect the user to a new mapping project.

I used a Github project to create my very first Android application. Here you can find the code. I paid 25Dollars (which I thought was worth paying for). Unfortunately, soon I realized it was an impossible wish to handle alone. It was very difficult and exhaustive for me to reach out to people. So basically I stopped doing them. But the beautiful part is that this journey showed me two things; my unstoppable passion and that I can create simple android apps. Below you can watch a hands-on video about the app and some screenshots that are rendered for Google Play.