A Map of Syrian Population in Turkey and the Usage of Visuals in Turkish News

Turkey is discussing about a possible early elections on 2017. The reason behind this conversation and debate "is more economical then political" some says. Cumhuriyet daily, had drawn attention to the current Syrian population that reside in Turkey and its possible effect on such an election. The newspaper, for this concern, explained the 8 conditions to become a Turkish citizen and shared a table that show how the Syrian population is distributed within the cities in Turkey.

The following are the 8 conditions to become a Turkish citizen and the table showing the Syrian population distribution by city.

The image shared by Cumhuriyet
  • One should be considered as adult according to their own national legislation
  • One has to spend 5 years before applying to the citizenship
  • One has to prove (with intentions) the will to settle in Turkey
  • One should not pose a public health risk
  • One should have morals
  • One should be able speak sufficient Turkish
  • One should have a job to be able to support his/her life and their relatives
  • One should not pose any danger to national security

The news in my view lack of two things. One is an in-depth research and explanation of the raised concern. In this case one would wonder about the ideas of the Syrian immigrants in Turkey before raising a question on the possible effect of these people on elections. Or perhaps, one could also ask the current policies and actions of the oppositional parties for this matter.

However, my focus point is the way data is presented to the audience. The newspaper shared an image of an excel table that show the distribution of the Syrian population. However the data is not revealed clearly to the reader. Thus, one can't make quick assumptions by simply checking it.

Nevertheless, I created the following map and infographic for the news which will create a better understanding of the distribution of the Syrian population. The map show the cities where Syrian population reside in Turkey and the infographic reveals the top nine cities with highest Syrian population. With this information the newspapers and the readers could take a step forward and make an inquiry on this matter.