Endangered Species on Earth

This is an analysis of two web pages that keep track of the threatened species on Earth. You can filter the map and the charts and see which places have higher amount of extinct or endangered species.

To make the analysis easier, I have categorized the parameters of IUCN Red List as following;

  • Extinct and Extinct in the Wild = Extinct
  • Critically Endangered, Endangered and Vulnerable = Endangered
  • Near Threatened and Lower Risk/conservation dependent =  Near Threatened
  • Data Deficient and Least Concern keep the same name and values

World Map of Threatened Species (amount)

Endangered Specie Amount by Continent

Highest Endangered Specie Amount in Continents

  • French Southern Territories in Antarctic
  • Cuba in Caribbean Islands
  • China in East Asia
  • Spain in Europe
  • Mexico in North & Central America
  • Morocco in North Africa
  • United States in North America
  • Russia in North Asia
  • Australia in Oceania
  • Indonesia in South & Southeast Asia
  • Colombia in South America
  • Madagascar in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Turkey in West & Central Asia

Endangered Species in Turkey

Earths Endangered data were used to see which species are under threat in Turkey.