Femicide Coverages in Turkish Media 2015

This is a translation of the Turkish research I conducted on 2015 "Medyaya Yansıyan Kadın Cinayetleri"

Murdered women are not just "statistical data". It is very difficult to read all the femicide coverages in newspapers. From one to another it gets heavier and heavier in my heart. In order to develop the correct strategy against men's violence, however, one need to be able reach out to the transparent information about these murders. Yet, this information is not transparent and the national and inter-national researches report different statistics about femicide in Turkey. The only responsible for this situation is the non-transparent Turkish governance. Thus, we can only gather information via femicide coverages in Turkish media.

We need a better functioning Ministry of Women to develop correct strategies. For now we can still look to this issue via a media analysis. All the data in the following visualisations are gathered from the We Will Stop the Femicide Platform.


You can switch between the tabs to see different analysis.

  • Tab1: Map
  • Tab2: Age Avarage of Murdered Women
  • Tab3: Analysis of Murderers
  • Tab4: Cities Which Femicide Coverage Is Hıgh
  • Tab5: Reason of Murder
  • Tab6: Murder Type

Note for the map user: See the pictures below on how to use the map to see the city specific data.


  • 26% of the murderers are the husbands and 19% are the acquaintances.
  • 30% of femicide happened because women wanted to take an independent decision for their own lives.
  • 23% of the femicide happened due to the 'requests for a divorce' and 'divorce'.
  • According to the coverages the femicides mostly took place in İzmir (%12), Diyarbakır and Giresun (9%) and Istanbul, Ankara and Aksaray (7%).