In this web page you can do various things


Download the Androıd app

Download the Android app and join Mahallem (in Turkish: My Neighbourhood) to post your wishes about your neighbourhood. Your posts will turn into monthly reports that will be send to the related ministries and municipalities.

Currently this app is only for Turkey and only in Turkish.


Join to map your story projects

If you don't have an Android you can still participate to mapping projects by simply choosing the story that best suits you via your computer.


Buy Maps

You can purchase maps and print them whereever you are. Currently I'm working on Atlas of Inspiring Protests. Soon I will start another edition. For these maps I use a combination of Open Street Map, QGIS and photo editing programs.


Check Other Projects

Here you will find other online mapping projects & data journalism articles including Femicide Coverages in Turkish Media & Turkey's Parliamentary Elections 2015.



See the blog for daily notes, processes and more personal sharings on the cartographic journey I have



Creating online maps is my passion and I want to be able to continue doing it. Also, I want to share my apps for free. Please consider donating money in order me to (a) pay 8 Dollar/Month for ArcGIS program and (b) cover basic living expense in Sweden, which is approximately 700 Dollar/Month.

Support & solidarity is always needed and appreciated. 

If you don't want to donate money you can always send other things i.e. supportive messages