New Maps Of Time

New maps of time is a project by sound artist John Grzinich. It connects İstanbul, Malmö, Prague, Calgary, Torun and Vienna with a sound map. I have participated to the İstanbul leg of this project. The main page of the project is here

We collected sounds which then was embedded to a map by Grzinich using the radio aporee.

Grzinich says;

Sound, as perceived by one of our primary senses hearing, is one of the best ways in which to explore the subjectivity of personal and collective experience and to test our own creative abilities. By using sound we develop means to map both space and social relations with our own cognitive process. In order to refine these cognitive maps we introduce constraints such as activities, materials, durations and the physical dimensions of the surrounding build environment. These constraints are the boundaries by which we can reference our own activities for interpretation and discussion to help further refine the activities.

Jake Johnson,  collections coordinator of the Archive, says the radio aporee is

...a global soundmap dedicated to phonography, field recording (and related practices) and the art of listening. it connects sound recordings and places, in order to create a sonic cartography, open to the public as a collaborative project.

All the recordings can be listened in this map.


During this project, we also learned how to build microphones (contact, hydrophone, binaural) from scratch. We concentrated on a wide range of activities as well; we had passive analysis of soundscapes and acoustic architecture, we actively engaged with the space around us. The gallery below is a small overview of these activities (photos by: Enise Gökbayrak, Onur Güngör, Muharrem Yıldırım and John Grzinich).