Google Spreadsheet Tricks

Google Sheets Geocoding Macro

I embedded this script into my spreadsheet script. This enabled me to implement geocoding in two ways; I can now either generate latitude&longitude from an address or vice versa, I can get addresses from a given latitude&longitude. This script is magic if you are working with data collection and mapping.

Thank you vilimblog !!

Export Data from a spreadsheet to another with filters 

I had tried various formulas to filter a Google spreadsheet, say Sheet1, and get a filtered result on say Sheet2. I tried it with query & import range & filter functions. It was extremely frustrating to try them out for an entire 4.5 hours. I don't doubt that one can manage to to achieve this with formulas but I simply couldn't. I was about to give up. See the pictures below on how I save the night for today !

You can see how I filtered my Sheet1 according to Types and formed separate Sheets for each of them by simply using rowCall add-on

I love formulas but I think I love saving time more than equasitons.