The Connection Map

An experiment to see how we connect through ideas

For this purpose, I have chosen to map two organizations, Edgeryders and Shareable. Where the first brings people together to discuss and bring alternative solutions to "global societal, economic, environmental, security and energy problems threatening Europe". The latter is a news platform to delve into today’s biggest challenges. This choice was a random choice among the organizations and platforms I know. 

To see how ideas, dreams, initiations, experiences connect us I chose to map those 123 Facebook pages that were liked by these two organizations. I wanted to see where it was going to take me. An example can make it clear. Edgeryders has "liked" 53 other Facebook pages that belong to, for instance, organizations, communities and companies. I have categorized them according to their type, city and most importantly, what they stand for. So you can filter and find spaces or ideas that are connected to each other with solidarity. 

Forming the filters

Connected By: Pages liked by Edgeryders and Shareable

Type: The given type in each Facebook page  (organization, community etc). Though I have narrowed most of them. For example a community orginiser is also assgined as community.

Stand For: The major mision of the platform. But "food" can stand for selling food or local food solutions.

I also made a color distinction of places according to their connectors; Edgeryders (green) and Shareable (blue). At a first glance, it is possible to observe that Edgeryders connects Europe more, where Shareable accumulats in North America.

Other than the map you can see the charts in order to understand this connectivity.

An important note should be made that not all connected platforms had an adress, thus just in sake of being able to map them (less than 10% of the data) I have assigned them with the country name that came before them.