So what can one do after work ... Perhaps old Arcade games on your computer?

So after a busy week that is full with bureaucratic processes and online mapping projects I just needed a rest. However, pubs and billiard places are full in Stockholm. As everything else in this city you have to wait for a cue : )

So why not playing Arcade games like Pac Man, Street Fighter or Tekken on your computer. Seriously why not? (perhaps you already have various answers for this, but anyhow)

So here is how I found an easy way to play old Arcade games on my computer (Mac Os X). I'm sharing this because I realised not every thing works as they should be.

  • Install OpenEmu which is an emulator that helps your computer to understand and process other programs & well games in this case.
  • Go to Emu Paradise and search your game and click on it. In Emu Paradise you need to do several clicks. (1) Select and click on which edition you want (I Usually choose Nintendo Gameboy Advance) (2) Go to "Download Lİnks" and click on "Direct Download Links" (3) Scroll down and click "Direct Download" link.
  • When you have your link simply unzip your file and drop it inside the OpenEmu "Gameboy Advance" console.