Two Online Tools to Help You Generate Your App Logo in Correct Sizes

If you are going to publish your own app you will need your logo to be produced in correct sizes. I used Android Studio to publish my "web view" application, Mahallem (in Turkish: My Neighbourhood). 

In Android Studio, all you need is to right click res folder & new & image assets. Here you can add your new logo. But wait which size your logo should be?

configure image.png

I used Launcher Icon Generator to create (1) five png files with different sizes and (2) a web icon. While configuring your image asset select "image" as asset type and choose the location of your downloaded xxxhdpi logo (one of the png files with the highest resolution). Android Studio will automatically resize the logo for you. 

When you want to Publish your app, Google play will ask for a Feature Graphic with 1024 w and 500 h. I tried to create this image via Photoshop but I failed so I found this Feature Graphic Generator that quickly helps you to produce and download the image in the correct size. Add your previously downloaded web icon and easily generate the correct file size for Google Play.

google graphic.png

Enjoy !