What's New? Week # 1

It had been a bit more than a week since I first started this project. My aim is to analyse how I get effected by the daily news. I simply use the open-source application ODK Collect in order to gather the news articles I read and then I simply scale how I feel from one (shitty) to five (astronomic feelings). Photo 1 shows us the steps to take in the app to collect the data and map it.

Data gathering process in ODK Collect

As you can see step one just shows us that the ODK Collect is connected to my server that is, map-yourstory.appspot.com. Once this is set one never have to edit the settings again. Being connected to my server means that any user with the current settings can get,fill and send the forms I build via the app. Once I gather the data, I use online platforms to map and visualise the outcome.

Currently I created What's New form in Turkish, however my other mapping projects are all in English. I will briefly define all the steps.

  • Step 1: Connect to ODK
  • Step 2: Enter your nick name
  • Step 3: Enter the news source (BBC, Guardian etc.)
  • Step 4: Enter the title
  • Step 5: Enter the link to the news article
  • Step 5: Select the main topic of the news (Environment, Politics, Culture etc)
  • Step 6: Scale how you felt after reading the news article
  • Step 7: Define your feeling if you want
  • Step 8: Enter the location of the news (Istanbul, Turkey etc.) (Not your location bu the focus of the news)
  • Step 9: Automatically save the date and send the form

Below we can see an analysis of the feelings that are evoked by reading the news for the past week. However, I do not collect the information for every single news I read but instead the ones that kind of stick up to my mind or effect me immediately.

You can see the map for the locations of the news articles. You can filter the map by the scale of the emotions (1 to 5) and the type of emotions in which the news article had caused such as hope or anger (in Turkish).  

Below you can also see that the news that are coded as 1 are dominating my daily life by 61%. The dominating feeling is anger by 13%. It is followed by helplessness and insecurity.