Hello Atlas readers,

Here you will first find a personal intro to the weekly experience and then you will have a "map of the map" summarising the week of the Atlas users. 

It had been such a hard week for me. I had tried to cope with personal depression mixed with political depression and secondary traumas. It started 5 days ago. I begun to wake up less energetic than my previous days which I had the power to stand up (literally and metaphorically). This muddy feeling had spread and occupied my body and feelings with a huge victory flag. Yesterday I was incapable of moving my body. I was continuously staring at live facebook videos from Trans Pride Istanbul. However, the moment I realized that the mood was not only occupying my neurons but my partner's also, I somehow found the strength to throw that half-dead fishy body of mine out. Dragging my partner with me to the park at 10 pm, I made us some relaxing tea. We listened to Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy audio book under a sky that can't turn black.

Below you can have a journey in the map. We dominantly had positive feelings by 75%. However, one immediately notice that, although an Atlas user say that they are having a positive feeling, in most of the cases, a bad feeling follows the good one within the same submission. For instance, Kedi had a positive feeling during 15th of June and was stressed at the same time. This show that, in most of the (positive) cases, the negative feeling doesn't (couldn't) OCCUPY the body and the mind. This is a very promising result to witness. Perhaps we can choose what can occupy our bodies despite the contradicting feelings we have.