A Walk With AntiMap

Nowadays I'm trying various mapping applications both on desktop and Android. Currently, I'm trying to install an open source software (Ushahidi) but I have been failing. Many times. So being tired of failing I wanted to download, use, and create a very simple thing. Just to have fun. And just to restore my sinking motivation. 

So I have found the AntiMap application.


The desktop and Android application was developed by Trent Brooks for "recording and visualising your own data". The app synchronises both your recorded GPS data and your video and creates a really nice visualization including your speed and rotations with a line-map on the top.

After downloading both the Android app (AntiMap Log) and the desktop app (AntiMap Video) all I had to do was to have two phones with me and have a walk. During my adventurous (!) walk I have started the Android app (phone #1) and recorded a very bumpy video (phone #2). The Android app created a csv. file in the SD card which then I shared it with my computer. Gathering both the csv. and the video at the same folder the next step was to insert them both to the desktop app, AntiMap Video. As the exporting video didn't work for me I took a screen recording.

This application might be used in various situations (and not only in sports). Next time I want to give it a try when I sail in Åland Islands (waiting for summer). But I want to also try to record demonstrations.  The end result of course will be a very long video, but screen recording is handy in this case. I can always speed up the video (as I did to the one below).

Anyhow, so here is the video where I used the AntiMap. I'm warning the video is not going to increase the level of adrenalin in your veins and it might cause nausea.

Warning: The video is not going to increase the level of adrenalin in your veins and it might cause nausea. But I really liked the application and I'm looking forward to give it a try on different (and more exciting) occasions.