Greenpeace, October 10 2016 News Analysis

In the following interactive map and charts you can see the news that are related to the Greenpeace Turkey agenda. Feel free to filter the map to see what you are interested at. You can try to filter the map by label (marka) to "Soma" and then filter the map again to see the level of distribution of the newspaper (yayın dağılımı) such as local or national. 

This analysis only contains the news about the following topics;

  • Nuclear Energy
  • Fishing
  • Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning
  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs
  • Hydropower Plants (HES)
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Soma
  • Thermal Power Plants

Note: This analysis does not have links to the news.