Lone Protest of a Women, BORLÄNGE

Lone Protest of a Women, BORLÄNGE


The hand made map depicts Borlänge locality in Dalarna county, Sweden. 

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  • Image Size: 60 x 42 centimeters
  • Image Resolution: 7087 x 4961 pixels
  • Hand Made
  • One colour option (purple)

Changing the print size will damage the image quality.  

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© Natali Arslan

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The map shows the estimated location where one woman, Tess Asplund, stepped out in front of 300 neo-Nazis and raised her fist in defiance. This happened in Borlänge, central Sweden, in May 2016.

On an interview to the Guardian, Asplund says;

Racism has been normalised in Sweden, it’s become okay to say the N-word,” she says, recounting how a man on the subway used the racial slur while shouting and telling her to hurry up. “But nobody paid any attention. I thought Sweden in 2016 would be more open minded, but something has happened.

I hope something positive will come out of the picture. Maybe what I did can be a symbol that we can do something – if one person can do it, anyone can.